Running is a very important exercise in the Marine Corps and takes a lot of practice to master.  Becoming a good runner is something that anyone can do with proper training.  A few tips are outlined below.


Start out slowly
Don’t overdo it at the beginning! If you’re a beginner, only do what you feel comfortable doing and build on that.

Relax your upper body
Many people run with their fists clinched and their arms stiff. Your arms and hands should be limp as you run so that you are not using much needed oxygenated blood.

Breathe properly
You should take deep breaths as you run in order to get as much oxygen as possible into your blood. It is also helpful to establish a rhythm with your inhale and exhale.

Make sure your feet hit the ground properly
You should always land on the heel of your foot and then roll through and push off with your toes.


  1. rory says

    hello, i am 16 and very interestedin joining the british military. I really want to start running but just wondered what kind of stretches to do before and after the run. Also is it best to run on treadmills, grass or concrete.

  2. noah says

    tread mills to me are easier but thier boring. honestly suggest to run outside because the military doesnt run on treadmills lol as for grass or concerte both but grass is easier on the joints. As for stretches consult one of these routines on the website I’m sure there is one here if not pick the ones you like and start your own.

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